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Agni Tribe Ethos 阿格尼部落精神



我們是火的部落 🔥

在全球改變的時期,一個來服務地球的呼喚抵達了所有的宇宙。 這個呼喚來到我。我跟隨這個召喚來服務,與所有天堂的最好的靈魂們一起,保護這個改變,以我全部的愛與力量成功種下一個創造,這個創造歡迎所有人,不論宗教,膚色或社會階層。

一個創造,允許每個人發展他們自身的光,散播平靜,發展他們全然的潛能,以敞開的心學習再度去愛。 在阿格尼的標記下,我被訓練與被揀選活出此生,奉獻圓滿我自身的生命目的。 我謙卑地服務於那些尋找他們內在真實的人。

我帶著榮耀服務,引導他們再度找到他們自身的光,在他們迷失他們的方向時。 被訓練看見與注視著每個人的自然法則,讓我與其他男人或女人有所不同。 不論狀況與我自身的情緒,我接受每個人的自然法則。我的承諾是我將會服務神性與每個單獨的靈魂到達在地球所種下的創造的最高標準,為了一個平靜,充滿愛的社群,

在這裡每個人都能與受到保護圓滿他們自身的靈魂夢想。 我準備好領導與被帶領。在我跟隨我自身正義,服務與愛的道路,愛與光將會帶領我在每一天的任務,將會提昇我的能力服務所有人的幸福。


We are the Agni Tribe

We are the tribe of fire. 🔥

In times of global change a call reaches out through all the Universes to serve on Earth.

This call reached me. I followed this call to serve together with the finest souls of all heavens to protect the change and to help with all my love and power to succeed in planting a creation, that welcomes everyone, no matter of religion, color or social status.

A creation, that allows everyone to develop their own light, to spread peace, to develop to their full potential and to learn to love again with an open heart.

Under the seal of Agni I am trained and I have chosen to live a life that is dedicated to fulfill my own life’s purpose.

I humbly serve all those searching for their inner truth. I serve with honor to guide them to find their own light again in times when they have lost their orientation.

Being trained to see and to regard the natural law of everyone sets me apart from other men or women.

Regardless of circumstance and my own emotions I will accept the natural law of everybody. Bound by my word I will serve the Divine and every single soul to reach the high standards of creation planted on Earth for a peaceful, loving community where everybody is able and protected to fulfill their own soul dream.

I am ready to lead and to be led. Love and light will guide me in every single daily task and will raise my ability to serve the well-being of all as I follow my path of righteousness, service and love.

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